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As an innovation and an adaptation to how the society advances to new ages, in home aspects, we have come to the conclusion that wood is the construction element to bet on for being a healthy, noble and ecological material, which is, at the same time, respectful to the environment.

From the forests of Finland our provider, Kontio, was created and has evolved until being today one of the most important producers of wood houses, and the first to have the CE stamp of the European Community.

It shouldn’t be a utopia thinking about the conservation of our surroundings, all of us, in one way or another, ought to do something about it. Thinking of an ecological home could be the beginning and a legacy for our children.

The tomorrow… is built today.


The quality of Kontio constructions is based on the knowledge of many generations that have grown and evolved from the deepest forests of Finland.

The wood used in the production of Kontio houses passes strict quality controls. Only the best and certified wood is selected.

Because of the profound dedication in investigation, tests and practices, we can assure our customers that our constructions are cosy, safe and healthy places to live in.

The Investment and Development Department of Kontio works in strong collaboration with the Technic Investment Centre of Finland (VTT), the Technic Investment Organization of Germany (TÜV) and an extended group of universities to create new safe and healthy homes.

Kontio is the first producer of wooden houses in the world earning the right to use the CE certification stamp. This CE stamp indicates that a product has reached the quality requirements of the European Union.

Efficient Energy

A Kontio wooden house is energy efficient.

Energy Efficient is a demand of a home that requires a minimum contribution in energy and offers in exchange a maximum thermic comfort.

Solid wood is the only natural material that has the capacity to absorb the heat and release it later when the temperature is lower inside the house.

The high costs in heating are the continuously reparation in building defects… “

Because of this, Kontio houses are a guarantee of efficient energy.

Their design is based on extended experiences in massive home constructions around the world and based on results of recent investigations.

Patented models, technical innovations in design and the best windows and doors on the market, guarantee an energy efficient home that will maintain heat during the winter and cool during the summer.

Why a wooden house?

If your dream is to build a home for your family, a wooden Kontio house is the right election.

Building a new home, for many families, is one of the most important decisions in life, and is an event for ever after. A wooden house must be built to support the elements, the seasons and daily use, but also must be comfortable to live in. Many tendencies in houses come and go, but a well-designed and constructed wooden house is forever. Building in wood, with laminated trunk or solid trunk, offers an extended variety of different designs, from modern houses to the most rustic ones in high-mountain areas; where comfort, reliability and quickness in execution will make your dream come true.

Wood is a solid and reliable material for construction, only half of the energy which is used to process concrete and brick is needed.


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